Inaugural Post: Welcome to C52′s Blog

Michael P. Mar 20
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We aren’t really anything special.  By that, I mean, it would be nice to say we are worth listening to because we’re all smarter, more perfect, more experienced, channeling the voice of God, or some other dramatic claim that demands your attention.  But that’s not the case.  In fact, we’re constantly learning from so many people who are smarter and more experienced than us. It has taken us a long time to “find our voice” and feel like we had anything intelligent to add to what is already being said by others - even better than we could say it.

And we don’t just talk because we love hearing ourselves talk.  We didn’t rush to setup a blog right away when our company formed 2 years ago just so we could have a place to toot our own horn.  We set out to be thoughtful and deliberate about what we should write about, thinking through how to best serve people with our experiences, and who our audience really is.

But while we aren’t supernaturally gifted with perfection, everyone at C52 is hard-working, talented, and passionate about what we do.  And after an average of more than 10 years each, developing & launching more than 10 major online applications, our team has gained a lot of experience.

And so it is, now standing on the shoulders of years of giants who have come before us, we are setting out to use this blog as a platform to share these experiences and lessons with you. So that you may learn from our mistakes instead of your own, and hopefully be saved from a whole lot of headache, heartache, and expense.

What you will find here is not just another technology blog, design blog, or business blog. We’ll be writing from the front lines of where ideas turn into reality.  Where the ideals of technology have to be balanced with the constraints of finances, timelines and general usability.  We’ll deal with the everyday problems and solutions of starting up and running businesses; using the latest open source technologies to develop applications for commercial and social benefit; researching and designing user experiences appropriate for target users; maintaining good client relationships; selling and marketing online applications and services; and gaining social trust online and offline.

Since we weren’t born with this gifting of knowledge and experience, which was gained the old fashioned way through good ol’ hard work and research, that means that you, too, can learn it. We’ll explain everything in a down-to-earth way that doesn’t condescend or treat you as though you are inferior if you don’t already know it. Welcome to Company52, where we now declare this blog “open”!

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