Going to Chirp next week!

Michael P. Apr 11
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Company52 will be at Chirp, Twitter’s Developer Conference next week in San Francisco!

Our own Jonathon Hill will be traveling from the opposite end of the country (South Carolina) to attend the 2-day event, learn even better ways to create services and tools that interface with the Twitterverse, and rub shoulders with it’s creators.

Tickets for the conference day are now sold out, but if you already have yours and will be there also, find him or just say hi with…appropriately…a tweet! (@companyfiftytwo)

(If you’re a developer who may benefit from this, but can’t make it, video from the keynotes will be streamed live online.  Not quite the same, but it’s the next best thing!)

P.S.  We’ve been hard at work on something the last couple of months, and should have an exciting Twitter-related announcement in just a few weeks!

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