When you choose Company 52 to turn your idea into reality, you're not just getting a blank slate. We have hands-on experience meeting all types of needs in a diverse range of industries. This means no matter what you want to do, we've probably done at least something similar before. This knowledge and library of code we draw from accelerates a project's completion, while increasing its success and your profitability.
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RainMaker App visit site»

RainMaker is a platform for donating to charities and organizations over Twitter.

PianoScheduler.com visit site»

PianoScheduler is the first and only web-based application for piano service professionals. We developed it in partnership with James Schmitt, RPT, to be a secure, reliable way for multiple users to access a single technician's business information from multiple locations.

It gives users complete access to their customers, service history, and schedule from any computer with internet access. PianoScheduler is also compatible with the iPhone using the Safari browser.

With this application, we were thrilled with the things we were able to automate while making it look easy - such as an intelligent follow-up system that prevents any customer from ever slipping through the cracks, and auto-generating PDF's of mailing labels for monthly follow-up reminders.

SizzlePrinting.com visit site»

SizzlePrinting is an online store for custom-printed lead generation tools, such as business cards and signs, specifically serving the network marketing industry.


Following our success with Huck's Army, we took our efforts another step to try and help bring the Republican Party into the 21st century en masse.

CountyGOP was the first result, providing a cloud-based and automated system that would make it easy for every county party in the country to setup a website they could use to communicate and mobilize concerned citizens.

HucksArmy.com [Formerly]

Huck's Army was one of the first large-scale projects that brought our team together, and expanded our network of relationships in a huge way. This was a completely volunteer, grassroots effort to support and help elect Mike Huckabee for President in 2008.

Taking off faster and more than anyone expected, it is representative of the roots of our driving principles: creating and using technology to advance causes that we believe in, to help improve the world in which we live.