• Introduction to C52 Services

    Company52 provides pay-as-you-go, prepaid and retainer-based consulting to create or maintain web-based and mobile applications, systems or websites. Our customer list is large and diverse, including large multi-national firms, popular websites, political campaigns, and small startups.

    A full range of consulting.

    Our broad range of services can meet nearly every need of a web site or application. The services listed to the left, and above, will help you understand how we can help you. They are specific examples, but the broader concept is that we put internet technologies to work for you, from top to bottom, across all components of the stack — business, software, hardware, marketing, network, and more.

    The internet is our expertise.

    All the typical components in any of today's popular web sites & applications, such as the ones you may use every day yourself, fall within our expertise; and we do consulting, development, support, operations, system administration, and more. We never limit you to a specific service or type of help. If you don't see a service that seems to fit your needs, contact us and describe what you need. We may be able to help you. If we can't, we'll try to direct you to someone who can.

    Remote or on-site work.

    We can meet with you or work on-site at your premises, but we ordinarily work remotely via telephone, email, web, SSH, and instant messaging, which has proven to be the most efficient and economical approach for most customers.
    In addition to our consulting practice, Company52 develops web projects on our own and in partnerships. These include the brands listed on the "Our Work" page.

    Exceptional customer service.

    Company52 guarantees our constant and caring personal attention throughout your experience as our client. You will always have the convenience of dealing with one contact person – your personal Company52 Project Manager – who will communicate every step of the way to keep you in touch with the latest project developments and respond promptly to your emails and phone calls.

    Make your vision a reality.

    Company52 is committed to working with you towards implementing the strategy that will set your business up for long-term success. What is your vision for the success of your business? Contact us and we’ll make it happen.
  • Project Management

    C52 provides a technical project manager.

    You don't have to understand how to create software or manage a software development team to work with Company52. All you need is an idea. Our professionals have developed dozens of sites and applications, and will walk you through the process and drive the team to turn your idea into reality.

    Start with clear plans & goals.

    Company52 begins each project with extensive research and evaluation to ensure the vision and objectives are clearly outlined. The ideas and conclusions generated from this analytical process serve as the fundamental building blocks in helping plan and create new businesses, services and applications. We work closely with our clients to ensure a successful roadmap is in place as we embark on each project.

    General counsel, not just technological.

    Our knowledge isn't just limited to technology. As owners and operators of internet businesses of our own, we are fluent in the considerations that need to be made for an internet business to be successful for its owners. All our counsel comes from this base of knowledge. We consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients by gaining a deep understanding of their needs and then developing solutions that combine the highest levels of creativity and execution.

    Tap into a global network of technology experts.

    To bring you the very best talent for your particular need, in addition to our full-time staff of experts we tap into a large network of independent Internet professionals - our C52 Team Members - and assemble a custom team to work specifically on your projects. This means that we can pull in someone experienced with a technology you need, even if we don't have them on staff.

    Stay up to date. With a single point of contact.

    You will always have the convenience of dealing with one contact person – your personal Company52 Project Manager – who will communicate every step of the way to keep you in touch with the latest project developments and respond promptly to your emails and phone calls.

    Have your own team and just want help planning? No problem.

    We can help by working with your existing team to provide whatever help they need, whether it's additional design and development staff, a project manager to keep them on track for you, or just another experienced mind to bounce ideas off of.
  • Design

    "Design in the broadest sense, is the enabler of the digital era - it's a process that creates order out of chaos, that renders technology usable. Design means being good, not just looking good." ~ Clement Mok

    It takes just a nanosecond for a first impression of your company. Good, thoughtful design heightens credibility and gives your users an effortless experience — the first steps in building rewarding and lasting relationships with your brand.

    Present a good image to the world.

    Not only is your website your online presence, it could also be your store, your means of communication, and your identity to an ever increasing online world. What draws people to your website? Let us show you.

    Clean, attractive, and easy to use designs.

    As our portfolio shows, we know web design. Our client's sites and apps are fresh, relevant, and speak volumes about who is on the other side. Company52's design team is here to help craft a design for your site or app that makes it look as good as it works, and connects with your target market in a meaningful way that will lead to success.

    World-class brand and logo specialists.

    We can help you develop or overhaul your image and brand identity with a world-class logo, choose the most effective color scheme, design site pages or entire user experiences and interfaces, run usability focus group studies, develop marketing campaigns, and much more.

    Designs for the real world.

    Our talented artists aren't just limited to web graphics. We've been known to use hand-drawn sketches, watercolor paintings, animation, photography, or any other medium necessary to get the look you need. And we'll be happy to put it online, in Flash, on paper, on a t-shirt, on a billboard, or anywhere else you might need.
  • Programming / Development

    Company52's motivated and efficient developers can typically turn around programming projects in half the time of the average developer (or less). This is due to 3 major factors:

    1) Excellent People

    Excellent programmers with a good work ethic and lots of experience produce working code much faster - often as much as 5 times faster! Company52 recruits great people, who are its greatest asset.

    2) Library of Code and Experience

    One of our most important assets is the extensive library of code we have at our disposal from previous projects. We are able to draw from the basic functionality of features we've produced in one project to greatly accelerate the development of similar features in another project.

    3) Core52

    Our own internal development framework, Core52, has been constantly refined through every-day use over the course of years. It lays a solid and secure foundation that tremendously simplifies and accelerates the development process by getting rid of repetitive code and work.

    Confidence and creativity are also strong in Company52, which cannot be overstated. In one notable example, a client called Company52 after three previous web app development companies had melted and given up after 6 months of development, in the face of overwhelming system complexity. We had to throw out all previous work, start from scratch, and were still able to deliver the completed system in just 3 weeks.

    We are experienced with all the major web-related programming languages, including PHP, Python, Ruby / Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and XML. We are also able to produce C, Perl, and Bash scripts for Linux platforms.
  • Databases

    We are experienced with planning, maintaining and optimizing MySQL databases with tens of millions of records.

    • High availability
    • Master-Slave & Cluster database replication
    • Speed pptimization
    • Sphinx full-text search
    Company52's staff can serve as your remote DBA, architecture and design advisors, on-call support team, expert sysadmins, or whatever fits your needs.

  • Customization of Apps

    Company52's team has decades of combined experience working with open-source and enterprise class platforms and 3rd party tools of all shapes and sizes. We are able to rapidly customize and extend countless pre-existing applications to suit your exact needs, without re-inventing the wheel.

    Some of the applications that we commonly customize and extend include:

  • Mobile App Development

    At C52, we have the team and expertise you need to build the mobile application you need on a wide variety of platforms.

    Our team has the ability to build your applications - or device-specific interfaces to your website - for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android platforms. We are constantly growing and expanding our knowledge to ensure you are able to benefit from the best technology available.

    We are big believers in the concept that planning up front is one of the most crucial parts of a project.

    We work hard to define your goals and wishes for the end product, and turn that into a viable plan of action that will yield the result you need and want.
  • Viral Marketing

    Not just anything can "go viral". It all starts with the right message, and connecting it with the right audience at the right time. But Company52 has staff and consultants that make up some of the most effective and prolific social networkers and activists on the internet, who can help craft your message and strategy to increase your likelihood of realizing mass benefits from viral marketing.

    Use public AND custom tools to connect.

    In addition to helping your brand get the most mileage out of existing social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Digg & LinkedIn, we can help you get and stay connected with your visitors, customers and supporters using your own private tools such as:
    • Email announcement / blast lists
    • "Listserv" email discussion lists
    • Your own branded community with member profiles, discussion lists, groups, wall posts, etc.
    • Integration with APIs for popular social networks (like Facebook, Twitter)
  • SEO

    Good placement in search engines results starts with good page design and standards-compliant code, but that's just the beginning. But if you only do that and then just wait around for good placement to happen naturally, you may be wasting time and losing valuable traffic.

    Top result rankings don't have to be an accident. Company52 has a long demonstrated history of using proven, aggressive strategies to get higher placement in search engines fast - usually in the top 10 results.

    Save money by earning traffic, not buying it.

    We use only methods allowed by search engines, and have never had a site penalized or removed. But we use all the allowed methods, with creativity, so that when your potential customers are searching, they'll find you as high as possible in the list of organic (unpaid) results -- where it really counts. Organic search engine traffic costs much, much less than paid placement.

    Get optimized once, or constantly.

    Company52 can do a one-time optimization for you, or provide ongoing monitoring and optimization service - so that as search engines change over time, your high ranking doesn't.
  • Hosting & Linux Server Admin

    We can keep you online. Reliably.

    With years of experience handling servers with both low traffic and extremely high traffic, Company52 has the expertise to make sure your site or application operates as smoothly as possible, in a reliable environment - and to make sure you're protected with disaster recovery plans and systems when the unexpected happens.

    Get a hosting plan tailored to you.

    If you need new hosting service, we'll work with you to come up with a package that meets your needs, whether that means using space on one of our servers, working with a 3rd party co-location provider, or setting up a dedicated server or server cluster.

    We are Linux experts.

    Because of its speed, security and dependability, our area of server and hosting expertise is Linux. We are familiar with every level of installing, configuring, and optimizing Linux-based servers for a variety of general or specialized functions in a hosting environment.

    Services include:
    • Shared-hosting configuration
    • Traffic & resource load estimation
    • Network engineering
    • Domain name / DNS management
    • Configuration of Apache, Lighttpd, and Mongrel
    • Virtualization / Virtual Machines
    • Load balancing in a multi-server cluster
    • Server redundancy, failover plans
    • Automated full & incremental backups, onsite and offsite
    • Remote system administration
    • System resource & uptime monitoring (including email / SMS alerts)
    • SSL (secure certificate) installation
    • Installation of custom modules, libraries, and applications
  • Audio / Video Delivery

    Company52 isn't limited to just presenting static text and pretty graphics. We LOVE multimedia, and as owners and developers of an online media store, we've become experts at capturing, converting, processing and delivering the most engaging types of media: audio and video.

    We are aware of the special considerations that must be made at every step to keep your multimedia accessible to as many people as possible, whether it's saved recordings or streaming live.

    Company52's multimedia team can help with:
    • ffmpeg configuration
    • User-submitted audio and video
    • Automated audio and video compression
    • Transcoding FROM any format TO any format
    • Live streaming video
    • Live streaming radio
    • Podcast delivery
    • Secured downloads (ie. for sales of digital media)
    • Fingerprinting files for piracy prevention / tracking