• Overview

    What is an app?

    Not everyone is aware of this distinction, but around here it's important:

    "website" vs. "web application" ("webapp" or "app", for short).

    Both are found all over the web, but a website is like an online business card or brochure, just sitting there, looking pretty for whoever reads it. A website is a one-way street, and aside from perhaps educating you, it doesn't do much for you. We can make those, and do a very good job making them.

    But a web application is interactive. It actually DOES something for you...it remembers something for you, or it automates a task so you don't have to do it manually, or it connects you with someone else. As we like to say, an app empowers you to do something you couldn't do before.

    Our Passion & Expertise:  Applications

    We love creating applications. Because we love using and developing technology to improve our lives and the world around us. And since any online project that does much more than simply display information falls into the "application" category, we've got our work cut out for us.

    And whether it's an online social network, a popular subscription service, a high-volume online store, or a highly-secure bank application on a private intranet, our team has experience building it.

    Peruse the tabs listed to your left, and see some of the custom-app-development services we specialize in. They are specific examples, but if you don't see a service that seems to fit your needs, contact us and describe what you're looking for. We may be able to help you.
  • Project Management

    Company52 has our own internal project managers to spearhead development projects and be your primary point of contact. At the beginning of any project, this person will ensure that the vision and objectives are clearly outlined, and a detailed specification ("spec") has been developed. If you didn't have this completed beforehand, we'll be happy to walk with you through each step of the process to complete it and get ready for production.

    During production, your C52 Project Manager can either liaise with your internal project manager, or with all the involved parties on your entire team if you don't have a designated internal project manager.

    The ultimate success of your project is our goal, and we have a multitude of experience that comes with the package when you choose Company52 as your development partner. We will draw from this real-world experience to help you plan and engineer your project as much as you like.

    Our planning encompasses every aspect of the application, including software logic, data storage / database models, design requirements, hosting requirements, and any required service providers. If the only thing you want from Company52 is our planning and engineering counsel, and you plan on having your own development staff or another 3rd party actually develop the application, that's fine too.
  • Design

    To the everyday user, your application is the way it looks. If it looks terrible or doesn't have an intuitive user interface, it will always be handicapped no matter how brilliant or innovative the logic is behind the scenes.

    Company52 has a team of world-class graphic and interface designers, and a process for "user experience" research, to help make sure your app looks as good as it works.

    As our portfolio shows, we know web design. Our client's sites and apps are fresh, relevant, and speak volumes about who is on the other side.
  • Programming / Development

    Company52's motivated and efficient developers can typically turn around programming projects in half the time of the average developer (or less). This is due to 3 major factors:

    Excellent People
    Excellent programmers with a good work ethic and lots of experience produce working code much faster. Company52 recruits great people, who are its greatest asset.

    Library of Code and Experience
    One of our most important assets is the extensive library of code we have at our disposal from previous projects. We are able to draw from the basic functionality of features we've produced in one project to greatly accelerate the development of similar features in another project.

    Our own internal development framework, Core52, has been constantly refined through every-day use over the course of years. It lays a solid and secure foundation that tremendously simplifies and accelerates the development process by getting rid of repetitive code and work.

    Confidence and creativity are also strong in Company52, which cannot be overstated. In one notable example, a client called Company52 after three previous web app development companies had melted and given up after 6 months of development, in the face of overwhelming system complexity. We had to throw out all previous work, start from scratch, and were still able to deliver the completed system in just 3 weeks.

    We are experienced with all the major web-related programming languages, including PHP, Python, Ruby / Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and XML. We use MySQL as a database backend, and are also able to produce C, Perl, and Bash scripts for Linux platforms.
  • On-site work

    Ordinarily, Company52 works with you remotely via telephone, email, web, SSH, and instant messaging, which has proven to be the most efficient and economical approach for most customers - even for large or complex projects.

    But sometimes the nature of your project means that you would rather have us come work on-site, side-by-side with your staff, for at least part of the development process.

    Pending availability, the Company52 team members appropriate for your project will be happy to travel to your location (almost) anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile Apps

    At C52, we have the team and expertise you need to build the mobile application or interface you need on a wide variety of platforms.

    Our team has the ability to build your applications for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android platforms. We are constantly growing and expanding our knowledge to ensure you are able to benefit from the best technology available.

    We are big believers in the concept that planning up front is one of the most crucial parts of a project.

    We work hard to define your goals and wishes for the end product, and turn that into a viable plan of action that will yield the result you need and want.
  • Interfacing With Other Technologies

    We are adept at using 3rd party API's of all sorts to interface with other online service providers, when it's helpful or necessary to the project.

    Company52 isn't limited to programming just what the internet will allow, either. We can interface an application with numerous other more tangible technologies, such as phone systems, SMS messaging, printing, and barcoding & ticketing.

    Interfacing with these other real-world systems allows you to streamline and automate activities that will blow your mind.
  • Service Partners

    Many applications require services provided by other companies, in order to be fully functional and profitable. After navigating these waters for years, doing our research to find the best companies, we can introduce you to excellent 3rd party service providers.

    This includes services like credit card merchant accounts, email campaign management, help desk systems, hosting facilities, and more.
  • Ongoing Support

    At C52, our desire is that the relationship we forge with your company during the initial project does not end when your new site or feature is launched.

    We want to work alongside you as your business grows, ensuring that your site continues to effectively meet your needs, and contribute substantially to that growth.

    On a case-by-case basis, we offer ongoing support, consulting, and management plans, as well as continuing development on an as-needed basis.

    Our goals is your success, and we know that the end of "phase 1" is just the beginning.