• Overview - Magento E-Commerce Development

    Magento Community Partner - Company52 has partnered with Varien, makers of Magento, to deliver to our clients the rich e-commerce functionality that this powerful software solution provides. To learn more about Magento, click the "About the Magento Platform" tab on the left.

    Rely on the Company52 professionals to handle every aspect of your next e-commerce project.
    We'll be here each step of the way to assure your solution is customized to meet your specific business needs. From effective site layout and architecture, to a smooth transition from your existing shopping cart, to custom integration with leading third party order processing and shipping solutions, implementation, and maintenance.

    We’ll introduce you to the critical elements of running a successful online store, including:

    • Website design that accurately reflects your company’s image and product mix and creates an "eager to buy" atmosphere
    • Product photos that give shoppers a clear and appealing image of each item
    • Product descriptions that are loaded with product details and irresistible reasons to buy each item
    • Site navigation that effortlessly guides visitors through the e-commerce cycle: from product descriptions... to filling their shopping cart …to the final click that submits their order. Confusion anywhere along the cycle will mean lost sales.
    • Payment processing solution with services and fee structure that meets your needs and fits your budget
  • About the Magento Platform

    Since it's launch in March of 2008, Magento has quickly become one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms in the world. At Company 52, we are excited to offer Magento to you, and discover new ways we can enhance your business as a result.

    • 100% Search Engine Friendly with full control of URL’s and meta-information for products and categories.
    • Cutting Edge Features including product tagging, multi-address shipping or product comparisons.
    • Catalog Management functions that make adding and modifying store products simple and effective.
    • Comprehensive site security that ensures customers will have safe online transactions boasting SSL encryption and adhering to best practices for handling sensitive customer data.
    • Scalability – whether your store grows overnight or over a year, don’t spend valuable time worrying about your solution not growing with you. With Magento, your site is completely scalable.
    • Multi-site/Multi-Store Administration – control multiple websites and stores from one Administration Panel with ability to share as much or as little information as needed

    For a full list of Magento application features, see www.magentocommerce.com.

  • Planning

    We emphasize the need for careful and thorough planning before beginning work on your project, because it will save everyone time, headaches, and money.

    Our first step is to determine your goals for the site. We recognize that you know your business better than anyone, and we take great care to listen as you describe what does and does not work with your current solution, and search for ways we can make it better.

    Next, we take those goals and desired features, and research the best option for implementing the most effective solution.

    Based on that research, we make a recommendation for how to proceed with a solution that will meet your goals and make the vision you have for your business a reality.

    Let our team of experienced professionals work with you to craft a plan for improving your business.
  • Design

    We have a talented group of people at Company 52 that are committed to building designs for your site that match the personality and mission of your business, giving visitors a pleasant visual experience as they navigate page by page.

    For Magento and ecommerce sites specifically, we understand the need for the design to clearly communicate the what your business is all about, while making it simple for people to find the products they need as quickly as possible.

    Tell us about the vision you have for your site's look and feel. We love to listen!
  • Custom Magento Modules

    Here are a few examples of the custom modules we’ve developed for the Magento e-commerce platform. Contact us today to discuss how we can build a solution for your specific needs.

    Individual Item Shipping Module

    A custom shipping module was written to allow individual items in a single order to be shipped seperately, which required the shipping rate calculation to be handled in a much more specific way.

    Featured Products Module

    Enhances the core Magento functionality to allow for the administrator to select any number of products to feature on the homepage.

    Contingency Shipping Options Module

    Allows for contingency delivery options to be specified for time-sensitive orders in the event the order is delayed beyond a specific date (Example: Christmas present).

    Wordpress Integration

    Allows Wordpress’ brilliant content management functionality to be harnessed by Magento. Pages created in Wordpress are directly accessible on the Magento site via their page "slug" (ie, page url). Content from the Wordpress page is loaded into the Magento content section, effectively eliminating the need to maintain both a Magento theme and a Wordpress theme.

    Order Listing API

    This module was created to allow a third-party application to collect information about specific order sets. It exports an XML feed of an order collection and its associated items, addresses, payments, statuses, gift messages, and line item gift messages.

    Barcode Generation

    A barcode of the order number is calculated and inserted into the PDF documents that are used to print an Invoice, Packing Slip and Credit Memo in the admin interface of Magento. The printout is used for order fulfillment and the barcode is used at a shipping station to retrieve shipping address information from Magento.

    Group Order Fulfillment Management

    This administrative module allows for managing order processing in groups so that order fulfillment actions can be segmented and monitored more easily. This allows for operations on a group of orders to be executed on a specific set, and makes it possible to monitor the status and progress of that group through order fulfillment. These features make the fulfillment process much smoother, especially in a high order volume environment.

    Email Campaign Monitor

    This robust module provides integration with a third-party email campaign and list management service, rather than using Magento's internal newsletter functionality. Magento's built-in functionality only provides for a single customer list, whereas this module allows for multiple subscription lists. It also supports multi-store environments where each store may have different Campaign Monitor accounts or different lists.

    Single Payments for Multiship Orders

    In a standard multiship order in Magento, the client's credit card is processed for each separate shipment, resulting in increased transaction fees for the merchant and potential confusion on the part of the customer. This module modifies the ordering process to group all multiship transactions into a single transaction, improving profit margin and preventing confusion for the client.

    Print Order Module

    Magento provides the ability to print Invoices, Packing Slips, and Credit Memos, but does not have the functionality to print just an order. This extension adds those capabilities so that an order can be printed before or without the creation of the other sub-documents of the order. The module provides for a change in order fulfillment operations which allows an order to be printed first, picked out of a warehouse, verified that it can be filled, processed at a shipping station, and then have the sub-documents created in Magento for shipment and invoicing.

    Digishop Import Module

    Switching e-commerce solutions can become unfeasible due to the costly process of manually transferring customer and order data from the existing platform to the new platform. This import module eliminates that barrier for transitions from Digishop eCommerce systems by providing for the importation of customers and orders from Digishop into Magento.

    Single-Step Authorize.net Refunds

    This module saves the administrator a lot of time processing refunds when using Authorize.net. It enables Authorize.net credit card transactions to be refunded online through the admin interface when a credit memo is issued.

    Order Status Changes

    Extends the default set of order status options available so that better order management can be maintained by changing the status of certain orders for specialized fulfillment processing.

    Serial Numbers Module

    Extends Magento’s Virtual Product in order to significantly improve efficiency in selling software that requires a serial number for validation. When a customer purchases a Serial Number Product, a serial number is assigned to their order and a copy of that serial number is emailed to the client. An admin panel allows the administrator to manage all assigned/unassigned serial numbers. Without this module, the administrator would have to manually assign serial numbers and e-mail them to customers.

    Shipping Integration Module

    This integration was executed to allow shipping software access to the order information in Magento to retrieve shipping information for an order and to send back tracking details to Magento. It involves providing a "flat" view of an order for shipping software to reference since most shipping software import capabilities are very limited. It allows for an order number to be entered at a shipping station and for the shipping software to retrieve order details including the shipping address and other information needed to print a shipping label for a package. This is a very generic integration and though it has been setup for use with Endicia (USPS) and FedEx Ship Manager it could easily be setup for nearly any other shipping software or carrier.

  • Hosting

    Our philosophy of finding the best solution for you needs extends to the world of web hosting. Via the extensive expertise that our team has gained over the years, we are able to ensure your needs are met, and your site operates as smoothly as possible in a reliable environment.

    If you have an existing host that you are happy with, we are able to work with that host and ensure a smooth operation of your site, and manage your account for you as necessary.

    Likewise, if you are in need of a hosting provider, or would like for us to explore the possibility of hosting on our servers, we will do the appropriate research to find the right match for your needs, make a recommendation, and assist with setup and management as necessary.

    Because of the power of the Magento platform, it is important to match it up with a server configuration that ensures your site performance does not suffer. We are careful to keep that in mind when making recommendations for your hosting environment.

    Once again, our mission is to ensure your long-term success.
  • Ongoing Support

    At C52, our desire is that the relationship we forge with your company during the initial project does not end when your new site or feature is launched.

    We want to work alongside you as your business grows, ensuring that your site continues to effectively meet your needs, and contribute substantially to that growth.

    On a case-by-case basis, we offer ongoing support, consulting, and management plans, as well as continuing development on an as-needed basis.

    Our goals is your success, and we know that the end of "phase 1" is just the beginning.