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We are a team of experienced web & brand consultants, designers, and software developers based all over North America.

We are a passionate group of strategic thinkers, creative minds and technical wizards, using and creating technology to empower people to improve their life and the world around them.

We are genuinely excited by the new opportunities of the internet, and inject this enthusiasm into the web projects we build for our clients and the innovative software we develop.

We are experts at architecting, designing and implementing mobile and web applications using whatever technologies are appropriate (such as PHP, Ruby / Ruby on Rails, Python, MySQL database, Magento, Flash, etc.). (more about our services »)

Michael R. Poythress - CEO

Michael has been focused for the past 10 years on using information technology to connect groups of people with each other, and to solve everyday problems. His specialty is figuring out how to turn good social and technology ideas into reality, and organizing the resources and team of talented people required to do so. Michael’s strengths are in communication, administration and vision, finances, legal, and design.

Matt Blackwell - COO

Matt brings an extensive background in customer service, sales, project management, as well as business strategy and development. Matt has been involved in information technology since 1998, and holds an associates degree in Computer Sciences. Other interests include sports and spending time with family and friends.

Jonathon Hill - CTO

Jonathon is an entrepreneur and self-taught programmer, and cut his programming teeth on MS QuickBASIC back in the Windows 95 days. He has dabbled in HLA, writing prime number finders and solving other mathematical problems (including a few Diophantine problems). The past 2 years have been focused solely on web development with PHP/Javascript and MySQL.

Mike Garvey - Designer

A lifelong artist, Mike brings formal education in communication and entrepreneurship from the University of Portland into solution-driven design. Mike is madly in love with his wife Stephanie, and loves adventures with his boys David and Liam. In his spare time he is co-founding a nonprofit called Orphan Corps, whose mission is to create a community of successful orphan care.

Alex King - Developer

In 1999, before his family had the web, Alex installed Netscape Navigator from floppy disks and began creating webpages for fun. Today, he programs in PHP, MySQL, CSS, jQuery and Objective-C. He lives in Maine with his wife Kierstyn, and enjoys cooking, movies, and creating great web applications.

Justin Vincent - Developer

Justin is an experienced media and technology professional and entrepreneur. He has held CTO, technical architect, and team lead positions at numerous companies large and small, and developed open source software used by hundreds of thousands of developers, including the ezSQL project. He is the founder / developer of Pluggio and TweetBoard.

Rocky Neurock - Developer

Rocky's life revolves around the creative -- mostly through music, but also through developing imaginative solutions. Out of a mix of necessity and curiosity, he began developing websites and applications about 10 years ago. He strives to implement best practices while embracing the latest technology, to deliver the best possible results - particularly in HTML5, PHP, CSS3, JavaScript, and mobile technologies.